The first NEJEF Scholarship was awarded on September  19, 2014 to

Cassandra Pearl Wise

Harold Layne

Jazz Legend Award

NEJEF has also created an award for VIP citizens who have contributed to the Greater Boston/New England Jazz Community… these people have spent a large part of their lives promoting music(most specifically Jazz music) and inspiration to our youth.

In 2015 NEJEF named and presented the first Harold Layne Jazz Legend Award to legendary Boston Jazz drummer Harold Layne for his many years of promoting Jazz throughout the Greater Boston area… Harold played with many of the Jazz greats as they came through Boston; produced his own Jazz series in Cambridge; and has shared his experiences, stories, and sense of Swing and humor with countless Jazz musicians as they’ve made their way through the areas’ music scene.

Susan Geoffrion Parks

Scholarship & Festival Fund

Part of NEJEF’s mission was to start a fund to help school age children pursue their goals in music. It can be a struggle for families to pay for music lessons and musical instruments. NEJEF’s vision to have music festivals and raise money to help a family pay for after school lessons or instruments was a driving force in the Foundation’s beginning. Founding member Susan Geoffrion Parks was especially interested in having a scholarship program that would help a student pay for private lessons for a specified period of time or pay for a rental or purchase of an instrument or a trip to a Jazz Festival. 

Your donation can greatly affect the future of music and enhance the lives of our youth who might see music as benefit to their daily lives as well as their education. We are also looking for partners to offer in kind donations such as instruments, concert tickets and educational trips.

The scholarship & festival fund has been dedicated to the memory of Susan in honor of her efforts to make this fund a reality. Susan passed away unexpectedly in 2015.